Auditions for Upstagers' Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

We are very excited that our Summer 2024 Spectacular will be Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which will be performed at Ilkley's King's Hall from 10th to 13th July 2024!

We are looking for talented performers to bring this magical story to life. If you are interested in performing in the show then please read on, click the links below to learn more.

If you are interested in auditioning for a role on 18th February then please register online at the link below!
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About the show

Indulge your sweet tooth with a magical musical reimagining of Roald Dahl's timeless children's novel. Upstagers proudly presents "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," a melodic extravaganza that transforms Dahl's beloved story into a celebration of "Pure Imagination."

Follow the whimsical journey of Charlie Bucket, a resourceful and imaginative boy whose dreams come true when he scores a golden ticket to explore the fantastical chocolate factory of the eccentric Willy Wonka. Joining him are a diverse group of contest winners, including the gluttonous Augustus Gloop, the spoiled Veruca Salt, the gum-chewing celebrity Violet Beauregarde, and the tech-obsessed Mike Teavee. Little do they know the extraordinary and potentially perilous adventure that awaits, as each child learns invaluable lessons about selfishness and greed from the enigmatic Wonka.

In this family-friendly escapade, be prepared to feast your eyes on mesmerising visuals that "Must be Believed to be Seen." And immerse yourself in a world of enchanting melodies and captivating storytelling as Upstagers brings this classic tale to life on the stage.

If you are unfamiliar with the show you can check out trailers for the UK Tour and Broadway versions at the YouTube videos below….

The performances

Performance venue

The show will be performed at Ilkley's beautiful King's Hall & Winter Garden. The venue is in the heart of Ilkley town centre, directly opposite the railway station.

Performance dates and times

Wednesday 10th July 2024, 7:00 pm
Thursday 11th July 2024, 7:00 pm
Friday 12th July 2024, 7:00 pm
Saturday 13th July 2024, 1:30 pm
Saturday 13th July 2024, 6:30 pm

Show tickets

Tickets will be available at our online box office.

The auditions


Auditions are planned to take place on Sunday 18th February 2024 from 10:00 am. Exact timings will depend on the number of auditionees, applicants will be emailed with specific timings approximately one week before the audition date. Any audition recalls will be communicated with the individuals involved.


Our auditions and rehearsals take place at our home, The Upstagers Barn which is next door to The King's Hall & Winter Garden and opposite Ilkley Railway Station.

Address - The Upstagers Barn, Rear Midland Hotel, Station Road, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, LS29 8HA.

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Can I audition?

Our auditions are open auditions, you do not have to be an existing member of Upstagers or Upstagers Academy in order to audition and we do not charge audition fees. Upstagers is a youth theatre group, and although we don't have set rules on the age of cast, the majority of our roles are for younger performers. However, certain roles in this show are suitable for older performers, please see the details listed below.

If you are unsure please feel free to email Show Producers Andrew Hewitt & John Clark at

When would rehearsals be?

We tend to rehearse on Tuesday evenings (from 7:00 pm), Thursday evenings (from 7:00 pm) and on Sundays (typically from around 10:00 am). The focus tends to be on Principals on weekdays and Ensemble on Sundays, but there is obvious cross-over due to the nature of the show so cast are asked to avoid other commitments at rehearsal times.

Rehearsals are expected to begin at the beginning of April 2024.

How do auditions work at Upstagers?

If you wish to audition we ask that you register using the online form at the link on this web page. We do not share your email or phone information outside of Upstagers, unless required by law. We will email you around a week before the audition date with a reminder and full details about auditions. If you register but then change your mind (or cannot make the audition) we would be grateful if you could let us know by emailing Show Producers Andrew Hewitt & John Clark at

On the day, the audition will take the form of two or three parts, depending on your preferred role.

The first part will be a group dance/movement audition. Please ensure that you wear comfortable clothing to the audition so that you can move freely. Please also bring a bottle of water with you.

For the second part, you will be asked to individually perform one song (or excerpt of a song) of your choice for the Creative Team. This can be a song you have learnt in class, a favourite song that you know or a new song that you learn for your audition. Think about a song that best shows off the range and style of your voice. Please speak to us if you have any questions about this as we may be able to help with song suggestions. No matter what you perform at the audition you will still be considered for all parts. This said, if you are particularly keen on playing a specific part then it would be a good idea to prepare the appropriate one for audition. Your song/excerpt should be no more than 2 minutes long. You will need to bring the backing track along with you on an MP3 player, iPhone or iPad for your audition, or a piano score if you wish the Musical Director to accompany you.

The third part is some script work to demonstrate your acting prowess. Script excerpts will either be provided on the day or sent out by email. If you wish only to be considered as Singing/Dancing Ensemble then the script work is not required in your audition. When delivering your scene, remember to think about your character, who they may be talking to and what they are feeling. How can you get this information over to your audience through your audition?

Please be aware that being involved in this production is a definite commitment. Each cast member must be present for ALL rehearsals when they are required. The only exception to this is if we have been notified if/when you accept the role.

Full scripts for the show will be provided following the completion of a successful audition. If you are successful and gain a part in the production, we ask each participant to pay a small membership fee to cover your performers' insurance.

We will contact ALL auditionees by email, typically within a week of the auditions, to let you know if you have been successful (or if we need to arrange recalls).

The roles

Willy Wonka

Any gender. Playing age: 30+.
The sly, charming, eternally youthful star of the show; Willy Wonka is an enigmatic character; at once mysterious and mischievous but also charismatic, eccentric and remarkably physical; must have the ability to be filled with boundless energy and be physically light on their feet; has a larger than life persona that can go from charming and comical, to magically mysterious and dark.

Charlie Bucket

Any gender. Playing age: 8-13.
Sweet, smart, hopeful and loving. Charlie Bucket is the emotional heart and soul of the musical. Charlie is wonderfully innocent. An honest actor and an excellent singer with an unchanged voice if male. Charlie is in nearly every scene, and the actor should be able to handle the demands of a sizeable role.

Grandpa Joe

Male. Playing age: 60+.
Grandpa Joe is the grandfather we all wish we had when we were Charlie's age. He is caring, patient, sweet, and always reminds Charlie to look on the bright side. He is kind, funny and makes a great duo with Charlie. The role involves singing but the singing is secondary to the actor's solid acting skills.

Mrs. Bucket

Female. Playing age: 30+.
Charlie’s warm and kind-hearted mother who is a worrier. She is generous, loving and a nurturer.

Augustus Gloop

Male. Playing age: 10-15.
Youthful boy who is round and full-faced, but rampantly over-active despite his size. He speaks with a German accent and is an excellent singer and comedic actor.

Mrs. Gloop

Female. Playing age: 30+.
Augustus’s German, moronic, Wagnerian mother. She has a huge presence with a huge voice. Mirthlessly smiles as though it were affixed to the front of her face. A fantastic singer and comedienne. Speaks with a German accent.

Veruca Salt

Female. Playing age: 10-15.
Veruca is wealthy, class-conscious, and completely spoiled girl. Classical ballet including pointe and acro skills a plus. Veruca is a comedic actress with a character singing/screaming voice. Speaks with a Russian accent.

Mr. Salt

Male. Playing age: 30+.
Veruca’s eccentric, distracted, hilarious father. He finds it impossible to say no to Veruca, giving in to every ridiculous demand his daughter makes. An excellent comedic actor with a baritone singing voice who also speaks with a Russian accent.

Violet Beauregard

Female. Playing age: 10-15.
Youthful girl who has a huge pop/R&B voice, as well as amazing hip-hop dance skills. She is confident, forward and full of attitude. This girl loves attention and is a great singer. American accent.

Mr. Beauregard

Male. Playing age: 30+.
Violet’s father, who ignores his back-talking, insult-hurling daughter. He is a fun dancer with a soul/pop/R&B voice. Beat-boxing skills are a plus! American accent.

Mike Teavee

Male. Playing age: 10-15.
Youthful boy who is a fireplug with a ridiculous amount of energy. Mike is not just a TV junky, he is also addicted to video games, the internet and any other technological device. Mike is bratty, loud and obnoxious and does not understand the word "no." American accent.

Mrs. Teavee

Female. Playing age 30+.
She needs amphetamines to get through the day and deal with her outrageous son. She is tense, extreme and hilarious. Mrs.Teavee is a take on all television moms of the distant past. She's a bit vacant. American accent.

Other roles

GRANDPA GEORGE – strong actor/singer
GRANDMA GEORGINA – strong actor/singer
GRANDMA JOSEPHINE – strong actor/singer
CHERRY – strong actor
JERRY – strong actor
MRS. GREEN – strong actor

These roles could be played by members of the Ensemble.


Any gender. Ages 13+. We are looking for an exuberant mix of actor/singers and dancer/singers. Ensemble character roles including townsfolk, reporters, German beer sellers, gum-chomping divas, squirrels, Oompa-Loompas and named 'other characters' listed above. The ensemble roles are demanding and so stage maturity will be necessary and the rehearsal process will be a full one, including weekday evenings for those in particular scenes/routines.

Show credits

Roald Dahl's

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Book by David Greig

Music by Marc Shaiman

Lyrics by Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman

Based on the novel by ROALD DAHL

Songs from the Motion Picture by LESLIE BRICUSSE and ANTHONY NEWLEY

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Music Theatre International All authorised performance materials are also supplied by MTI (

Roald Dahl's

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Book by David Greig
Music by Marc Shaiman
Lyrics by Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman
Based on the novel by ROALD DAHL
Songs from the Motion Picture by LESLIE BRICUSSE and ANTHONY NEWLEY
This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Music Theatre International All authorised performance materials are also supplied by MTI (

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